Album Review: Vocalosity

vocalosity coverProduced by Deke Sharon (Godfather of Contemporary A Cappella, producer of The Sing-Off), comes a new concert experience: VOCALOSITY.

Citing itself as “The ACA-PERFECT Concert Experience”, we were curious what Vocalosity was up to, especially since the line-up consisted of 12 singers, including some prominent names in the A Cappella community like Hannah Juliano (Delilah, Musae, Level), Amy Whitcomb (Delilah, BYU Noteworthy), Matthew Feld (VocaPeople) and Tracy Roberston (Overboard) amongst others.

Looking at the teasers and rehearsal videos available on their YouTube channel, one can expect to face vocal pyrotechnics on all levels, through the genres and also a heck-load of personality from the various vocalists.

Coinciding with their tour that began in January, Vocalosity has released their studio album with Universal Music Classics, available via iTunes and Amazon.

The thirteen tracks on Vocalosity covers radio’s hottest tracks (“Tightrope”, “Locked out of Heaven”) to classics (“Hallelujah”, “True Colours”) and while the Jazz tracks (“Fever”, “Sing Sing Sing”) add a new dimension to the styles represented, they also add renewed interest in the music form with new arrangements, many written for 12 voices.

Favourite tracks include Michael Jackson’s “Wanna Be Startin’ Something” and Coldplay hit “Fix You” and which really provides a good opening and concluding tracks on the album.

Hannah Juliano’s solo vocals on Janelle Monae’s “Tightrope” showcases her extensive range and prowess in singing, which shouldn’t come as a surprise for us within the A Cappella community. On the same level, Amy Whitcomb’s rock star-like vocals on “Whole Lotta Love” reminded me of her performance of “Dream On” on The Sing-off, except that there was no fan.

While contrasting the edgy vocals, Gerianne Perez’s sultry voice on “Fever” really brought the feels, as well as the soulful chops of Nattalyee Randall on “True Colours”. Both Perez and Randall would be glad to know that some of my friends are swearing off the original for their takes on these songs.

The “Beatbox Break”, presented by Chesney Snow and Tracy Roberston is a highlight, showcasing what makes A Cappella different from other forms of vocal music performances. The seemingly “digitalized” sounds too surreal for some friends of this reviewer, who found it amazing that these were made by the voice.

While we highlighted almost every female vocalist on the track, we probably should bring to attention the arresting crooning by Matthew Feld on “Thinking Out Loud”, who is also joined by Ng Cheeyang (yay to a Singaporean represent!) who gave a very different take on the Ed Sheeran song – also to note that the song is performed without vocal percussions, just fingers snaps and the grooving bass of James Jones.

As someone who followed Vocalosity from the workshop stage to the current tour, one track that I felt should be on the album could be “His Eyes is on The Sparrow”, featuring Nattalyee on lead vocals.


(Editor’s Note: The article has been revised. The previous version has tagged Juliano and Whitcomb’s previous groups incorrectly.)

Derrick Kam

Derrick Kam has just taken on the role as Chief Editor of The VoiceBox (TVB), and is an avid A Cappella enthusiast, performer and educator while earning his keep in the choral music field as an instructor as well. His A Cappella group, Acappuccino, is in the midst of preparing for their next Asia tour, as well as a cross-over project.

TVB encourages the contributions of ad hoc writers who objectively can present themselves with the goal of promoting the Singapore and/or international A Cappella community at large. Do contact us at to let your voice be heard!


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