The Team

About The Team

Since 2012, TVB is run by a team of interns managed voluntarily by a Chief Editor.

You can contact the Chief Editor and the team via email!

About the Chief Editor

Right at the top of the mind, people would recognize him as a member of local pop-jazz A Cappella group Acappuccino. Whilst appearing at various high profile A Cappella events around the country and out, Derrick is one of many new-generation luminaries in the Asia A Cappella community through his work as a performer, marketer, networker, trainer and correspondent through his writing for Vocal Asia, The A Cappella Society, and also as a prolific A Cappella-trained Arts Manager in the country. While not having his dose of A Cappella, Derrick conducts choirs in schools and hopes to find somewhere in the country that offers open sea kayaking/canoeing to destress himself, now that the resort on Pulau Ubin has closed. He also sings with local up and coming chamber choir, Schola Cantorum (Singapore).

About the Interns

Interns are craftily selected to run the operations of TVB, which goes beyond the glitz of just finding content for the FaceBook page. Voluntary Contributors are also termed as Interns to maintain anonymity.

If you’d like to join the team, or have an alternative slice of the arts in Singapore in A Cappella fashion, write in to us and we will get back to you!



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