We’ve compiled a FAQ for some of the nagging questions.

I have an idea to be published on TVB, how do I get about to do so?

Anybody with an idea can start the ball rolling with us via sending an email with details via email to voicebox.sg@gmail.com.

Note that as we try to be open minded on the publication of certain articles, we have guidelines and goals that we hope that your idea can align to, BUT do not be discouraged and talk to us still, who knows your idea could really be the next big thing for everybody who follows us, and YOU might start out something that you’d never thought of.

Content produced are subjected to copyright by their originators and producers, permission must be given to TVB in writing before we can publish the article.

I have an event I want listed on TVB, how do I get about to do so?

Anybody with an a cappella/choral/vocal music event can list them via sending an email with details or your press release, preferably with pictures via email to voicebox.sg@gmail.com.

An event listing article will be published at least a week before the event, and listed on our calendar and event listings page.

Note that events will have to be held locally, or be a Singaporean presentation overseas for TVB to list on our site. At this moment, we try to minimize band performance listings, unless it’s a vocal band.

What is The VoiceBox’s (TVB) purpose and goal?

TVB aims to be an independent blog for the a cappella community in Singapore. We strive to be objective in our writing and produce quality reporting and correspondences through our transactions, so as to encourage more people to appreciate the art-form in every and any way possible.

We do event listings, guest articles relating to a cappella production/recording/performances, reviews to the simple gesture of sharing the event in greater detail (we usually do that closer to the event).

What takes up the time to run TVB?

Quality articles do not write themselves, the Editor and the team source for articles written by the experts in the field and requests for permission to share it on TVB. From time to time, guest expert writers will be invited to share their experience or an insight into the development of a cappella music.

Marketing efforts are required to reach out to the local public via articles and other offerings, as well as support from the a cappella community to contribute content or assistances. We hope that through these efforts, we can make a cappella an even more accessible art form for the masses.

What if I want to have something to do with TVB?

Let us thank you for your initiative firstly. The possibilities are endless, if you’d like to

  • contribute as a content producer/writer/reviewer,*
  • offer free tickets/CDs/DVDs to us (we will definitely write about the event if we were at a concert,)
  • provide feedback to us,
  • offer a promotion for our readers, or
  • just want to inquire how else you can support or help expand our “operations”,

Please drop us an email at voicebox.sg@gmail.com with the relevant subject headings.

* If you’d like to contribute as an article contributor, please send in a request before sending in your article. TVB reserves the right not to publish articles that do not concern or build the confidence of the local a cappella community.

Is TVB registered or something?

Nope, TVB is fully non-registered and is run on the spare time of the team. There is no intention of registering TVB other than eventually registering a domain and buying space to incorporate other web elements to increase our output and presence.

That being said, TVB hopes to produce our own original content to be self-sufficient in the long term, so all materials are protected by their original producers and permission were sought before publications on TVB. If you come across any article/material that infringes on a right that you own, please email us immediately at voicebox.sg@gmail.com, and we will attend to it immediately.


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